There are various modes of transportation available to those who will be traveling into Minneapolis. Below are excerpts from on 'getting around' Minneapolis. Be aware that the information provided may be a little outdated, so please double-check all the information with the provided links.

Buses and trains are both convenient and equally priced. The only differences between the two are the areas serviced. The fares are $2.25 peak fare, and $1.75 off peak for local buses and all trains and $2.25 off-peak and $3.00 peak for express buses. A day pass is available for $6 and is valid for both busses and trains. For route and schedule information visit the Metro Transit Website or TripGo for a comparison of all your transport options, combining public and private modes.

Taxis are readily available in the city, and are reasonably priced. There are quite a few companies offering service in Minneapolis, but the major one is Yellow Taxi. Click this link (Taxi List) for company names and phone numbers in the area. You can see a list of rates for rides to MSP airport at Taxi Rates to MSP. To check a taxi fare from point A to point B in advance, try using the Minneapolis Taxi Fare Finder.

Car ride companies, like Uber and Lyft, are available in Minneapolis. Car sharing companies like ZipCar and Car2Go are also available throughout Minneapolis. In addition, they also have HOURCAR, Turo, and Maven, so quite a few options from which to choose.

Lastly, the Minneapolis tango community has a few drivers amongst them! Check out the Midwest Tango Festival group page to connect with any of them.